Couture Footwear

Just a Snippet to Help You Get With It

Enjoy this peppy time lapse Snippet because sometimes the hardest part is getting started.

So just real quick – check it and let me know what you think. I have several blogs started, sorry, I’m getting organized then I’ll do a blog on organization! LOL

Back to the Snippet. My favorite leather to work with; deer tanned leather.

Interested in anything else? Let me know? I’ll find you the answer as soon as possible.

By Michele HG

I love to teach others how to make authentic Native American premium leather moccasins. My dream: “Shoes of Peace for the Peace of Jerusalem”. I’ll instruct those that desire to keep our feet shod with the (gospel) Shoes of Peace and keep Native American culture alive. I was practically raised on the road, so driving across country is natural to me. I would love to bring my week-long moccasin courses to you and the blogging will in turn create free media for you.

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